Market crash on Dubai’s debts! So what?

Markets crashed across the world on news of Dubai’s debt default, so in India! What should I do? Sell all my shares? This is the market, they will react first, then think! But in the long run, average will be reasonable! What I should do. Should I act according to the general sentiments of the market? Or should I be rational? What a rational investor should do is look in to  his holding. Is fundamentals of any of your companies going to be affected with the news either directly or indirectly? If so to what extend? Then consider if you really need to take any action.

What am I going to do next week? I don’t find anything to sell from my holding. Rather I would buy Blue Star, India’s largest central air conditioning company!

Sold Wockardt, bought Bharti Airtel

Yesterday, I sold Wockardt @ Rs. 175.61 and realised of 80% return in seven months! A three year target was 173.00 and it was achieved in 7 months. So there is no meaning in keeping but can re-enter at a later stage if found attractive.

Bought Bharti Airtel @ 280.70 with a three year target of Rs. 529.00. Drops Savings and Investments recommended Bharti Airtel at the beginning of this month @ 299.95. It has come down a bit, but the long term prospects remain intact. It may be sluggish for some time, but there is good potential.

Here is the opportunity to buy Air Arabia!

What about an offer to buy Air Arabia? Yes, shares of Air Arabia is available at rock bottom price! Its closing price yesterday was AED 1.00 which was its issue price on July 2007. Two and half years later, you are getting an opportunity to buy at same price.

For year 2008 it declared 10% cash dividend. It gives a 10% dividend yield which is very rewarding. At market price of 1.00, its price to book value is 0.90 and price to earning ratio of 8.90.

The current sluggishnes in the aviation industry may last for another one or two quarter. But generally aviation sector in the Middle East has been resilient to the recession. Having two hubs and third one announced recently, Air Arabia has bright long term prospects!

Air Arabia  is the first & largest low cost carrier (LCC) to operate in the Middle East and North Africa. It commenced operations in October 2003 and has safely transported more than 11 million passengers since inception. It has main hubs at Sharjah, UAE and Casablanca, Morocco. Air Arabia (Maroc) took off on May 6, 2009 serving mass European market from Morocco. It announced the establishment of third hub in Egypt recently. It operates a total fleet of 20 new Airbus ‘A320’ aircraft and has signed agreement with Airbus to acquire 44 A320 aircraft. It currently fly to over 47 destinations from Sharjah and 11 destinations from Casablanca. It became profitable from first year of operation and it is the first airline to go public in the Middle East with shares traded in the Dubai Financial Market.

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