Spend or Save?

My uncle once said, “Nobody will see 100 Dirhams kept in the pocket, but if you buy a shirt and wear it.”

If asked why do you work, the answer will be to make money. Have you ever thought yourself why do you make money? Do you earn and save for the sake of making more money? It shouldn’t be so, really.

The answer can be ‘for living’. Yes we make money for living. Then why do we save? For living in the future! Spend to live now and save to live in the future! That means we should not compromise one for the other! Living the present forgetting the future and saving for the future forgetting the present – both are wrong, isn’t it? We save because we are uncertain if the future earning would be enough to meet the future expense. Same way we are uncertain if we will be alive for next ten years, or next one year or even for tomorrow. So the game is to balance between spending and saving!

Finally remember one thing! We are not here just for living our life! Have a purpose of life!

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