Build your equity portfolio with Drops Savings and Investments

There are thousands of companies listed in Indian stock exchanges. It may not be possible for a common man to do research to find out the right company to invest in. The information and recommendations found on various websites are often confusing or misleading. It is not economical for small scale retail investors to spend money for independent research reports which are very few and expensive. It does not mean the common man should stay away from investing in stocks.

Drops Savings and Investments help you to identify right stocks through Valappil’s portfolio updates. Valappil provides the information on what he buys and sells from time to time.  It is based on the paid and unpaid research reports provided by various independent professional investment analysts and research service providers.  Valappil is a finance professional with experience of more than 14 years. He has been closely watching stock markets since 2002 and started investing in shares in 2004.

We encourage investment in companies with a long term perspective. If you bother day to day fluctuations in the index level, our features may not sound interesting to you. Invest in company, not in market or index. You think about your company only – its business, its operational performance and its financial standing!

You may follow Valappil’s portfolio updates, you may solely depend on these updates for your investments or you may consider this along with other information.  You are most welcome to share your ideas and suggestions.

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