Open an account with Indian share brokerage firm in UAE

Many share brokerage firms in India have either branch or representative office in United Arab Emirates. One should have account with a share brokerage firm in order to invest in Indian share market. Share brokerage firms take care of opening Demat Account and linked bank account. Many banks offer three-in-one account by giving brokerage account, Demat Account and Bank account all in place. Non-banking brokerage firm provide bank account with their associated bank. Brokerage firms also help to take PAN Card. Here is some of the share brokerage firms that have branch or representative office in UAE.

Geojit Financial Service

Geojit Financial Services operates in UAE through its joint venture Barjeel Geojith Securities. It has offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Oman.

ICICI Webtrade is part of ICICI Bank, largest private bank in India. Contact Number in Dubai: 04 3070307. website:

HDFC Securities

HDFC Securities is part of HDFC Bank in India. It has office and service associates in UAE.

Idafa Investments

Idafa Investments based in Mumbai has branches in Hyderabad and Surat. It is one of a few share brokerage firm that provides services and dealing in only Sharia compliant shares and investment products in India.  Once you register at their website, you get access to the list of Sharia compliant shares in India which is updated quarterly.

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