Good Buys in Indian Shares

Sensex declined 1.91% to 17,591 and Nifty declined by 1.85% to 5,263 this week. With this, year to date gain of Sensex reduced to mere 0.72% and Nifty to 1.18%. Year to date gain in my equity portfolio stands at 1.98% which lightly beat the market!

In the Indian share market which is believed to be overpriced, there are still a few stocks that are attractively priced. In my watch list, Bharti Airtel (304.35) and Tata Communications (280.40) in Telecom sector, Hero Honda (1,919.50) in Automobile sector, and NIIT Technologies (179.15) in IT sector are the good buys at the current market price. As always, set limits for individual shares and individual sectors in order to avoid concentration on a few shares in your portfolio.

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