“I SAVE & I WIN” promotion from National Bonds

The new promotion ‘I save, I win’ announced by National Bonds gives away exciting prizes including Blackberrys,  iPhone,  iPads, Gold Coins and Gold Bars with a grand draw for 1 Kilo gold in addition to the regular weekly draws for bonds which is cashable immediately . National Bonds is the sharia compliant national savings scheme of the UAE that provides a profit based annual returns besides weekly prize draws!

The promotion runs from 5th May to 31st July 2010. There will be three draws for this promotion prizes on 29th May  and 26th June  and 31st July 2010. The grand draw for 1 kilo of gold will be on 31st July 2010. There will be a total of 163 prizes comprising Blackberry 9700 (30 numbers), iPhone  16GB (30 numbers), iPad – 16GB (60),  30 grams gold coins (30) and 100 grams Gold Bars (12) to be given away in three draws plus 1 kilo gold in grand draw.

To be eligible for the draw for Blackberry and iPhone, there should have a minimum savings in bonds of AED 1,000, for iPad AED 5,000, for 30 grams gold coins AED 10,000 and for 100 grams gold Bars AED 15,000 and for the grand draw of 1 kilo gold, minimum savings required is AED 25,000.

Prizes can be exchanged for National Bonds Savings certificates at the same value of the prizes.

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