You don’t have to get poorer!

‘The rich get richer and the poor get poorer’ – this is a catchphrase that people often use to criticize uneven economic development. It may be a fact though. I am not going to write a scholarly discussion on the economic theory here, but just to discuss from a common man perspective how does it happen!

How do rich get richer? If you have one million and deposit in a bank fixed deposit at a rate of 5% per annum, it becomes 1.28 million in five years. When you have one million you will be able to invest in shares which will give you better return. When you have one million you will be able to invest in real estate or rental property which will give you regular rental income besides capital appreciation. You will be able to start a business or invest in a business which may again multiply your wealth. This is how rich becomes richer! It is only natural and there is no meaning in complaining about it.

So it is obvious that the rich get richer. Does it mean that you have to get poorer? How does it happen? You spend on what you can’t afford. When you try to imitate others, you fail to recognize that others do it because they can afford it after saving enough to build their wealth. You take loan to spend and pledge your future income for present luxuries, while others save from their present income for the future expenses. You pay interest while others earn interest. You misunderstood that living the life means spending on luxuries! You go behind ‘get rich quick’ schemes and lose everything. Yes, it is you who make you poorer.

So how to avoid becoming poorer? First thing that you need to do is live an affordable life. Keep yourself away from debt. Never pledge your future income by taking loan to meet present expenses. Keep a portion of income as savings – treat it as a necessary and unavoidable expense. Understand that there is no quick way or short cut to make money – It needs years of hard work. Realise your hidden potential, polish the skills that you already have and find some way to generate additional income.

Warren Buffet, the self-made billionaire

Rich made their first million by sweating, by doing their hard work, going that extra mile, deferring their gratification. Read about any rich people, there is a hard work behind them – at least by their parents or grandparents. Warrant Buffet, one of the top five world billionaires, has gone door to door selling chewing gum, soft drinks or magazines. He has worked in grocery shop. Every rich has a beginning from the low.

I know there are people who get rich by unscrupulous methods. I know there are poor people who are in trouble too deep to come out of it themselves. Forget about the former, they can’t enjoy their life too long peacefully. Help the later, it will help you to live peacefully rest of your life.

Weekly Portfolio Review: 04 December 2010

After three weeks of decline, market turned positive past week. The investors’ hunting for bargain stocks after steep fall in the preceding 3 weeks, report of improved GDP growth for the second quarter at 8.9%, positive news of food inflation sliding to 18-month low – all helped the market to turn to positive in the past week. BSE Sensex closed at 19,967 with a gain of 4.34% and NSE Nifty at 5,993 with a gain of 4.19% for the week. My portfolio gained 2.97% in the past week and 9.83% year to date.

Hero Honda declined 5.37% in the past week on the news of huge hike in the royalty payable to the Honda while Honda offered 6% stake to Hero at a significant discount to the market price. It is in fact looting of other shareholder’s money. Current value of my investment in Hero Honda comes to 4% of my total portfolio. At present, my decision is to hold on to it, but not to add any more until the dust is cleared.

Other major news are: Opto Circuits concluded merger of US-based Cardiac Science, NTPC secured finance from a Singapore-based Bank, auto companies registered double digit growth in sales in the month of November, M&M plans to introduce SUVs in India from its subsidiary Ssangyong and gar powered variant of its Logan car, Bharti Airtel cut mobile phone call rate in Nigeria by half, Bhel received order worth Rs. 3,700 crore from Karnataka, Tech Mahindra and Geometric plan for acquisition abroad.

A complete news round-up for the past week and a collection of interesting read is given in separate posts.

Good buys in my watch list

Script Sector 3 Years Target Current Price Expected Margin
Mangalam Cement Cement 400.00 133.70 199%
Graphite India Engineering 200.00 92.35 117%
KSB Pumps Engineering 1,072.00 498.55 115%
Tata Sponge Iron Metal 700.00 352.85 98%
Maharashtra Seamless Metal 754.00 397.75 90%
Ess Dee Aluminium Packaging 942.00 504.65 87%
Divis Laboratories Pharma 1,095.00 620.10 77%
Swaraj Engines Auto Ancil 850.00 484.75 75%
Honeywell Automation Engineering 4,100.00 2,480.30 65%
Tractors India Ltd Construction 1,150.00 703.15 64%
Amara Raja Batteries Auto Ancil 301.60 185.00 63%
HUL FMCG 486.00 299.40 62%
BHEL Engineering 3,567.00 2,209.70 61%
Tech Mahindra IT 1,074.00 667.20 61%

I will be buying Graphite India and Tata Sponge Iron in the coming week. Managalam Cements and KSB Pumps are in my top 5 holding.

My Portfolio


My Portfolio BSE Sensex NSE Nifty
This Week 2.97% 4.34% 4.19%
This month -2.08% -0.33% -0.41%
This Year 9.83% 14.33% 15.22%
Since 1-1-2009 124.88% 106.98% 102.53%
Since 1-1-2008 51.15% -1.19% -1.43%
Since 1-4-2007 87.78% 52.74% 56.82%

Top 5 holding in my equity portfolio

Company Sector % of Total Value Average Holding Period Absolute Return %
Infosys IT 8 3 Years 87
Bharti Airtel Telecom 5 11 Months 19
KSB Pumps Engineering 5 3 Months -12
Mangalam Cements Cements 5 2 Months -15
Maharashtra Seamless Metal 5 4 Months 0

Shares I bought this month

Company Average Cost

Shares I sold this month

Company Average Price

Top 5 most gain (absolute)

Company Return % Average Holding Period
Gujarat Gas 217 2.6 Years
Dabur India 148 4.6 Years
Tata Global Beverages 113 2.0 Years
Berger Paints 129 3.8 Years
Infosys 87 3.0 Years

Top 5 most loss (absolute)

Company Return % Average Holding Period
KSB Pumps -12 3 months
BHEL -12 2 months
Tata Communication -22 11 months
Mangalam Cement -15 2 months
Divi’s Laboratories -12 1 month

Archive of previous portfolio reviews

Weekly News Round-up: 04 December 2010

Here is a quick look on the news of the last week that have a bearing on the stocks that is mentioned in the good buys watch list in my weekly portfolio review. A snapshot with link of some interesting reports is appended at the bottom. Hope it will be useful to you if you follow my wathclist.

News Update

Honda Motor Co plans to sell its stake in India’s top-ranked motorcycle maker, Hero Honda Motors , and instead focus on its wholly owned subsidiary in the country, a news report said on Saturday. The Japanese automaker may earn some 100 billion yen (1.2 billion dollars) from the sale of its shares in Hero Honda, founded in 1984 with India’s Hero Group, the Nikkei business daily said. Honda and the Hero Group reached a basic accord this week to dissolve their partnership, Nikkei said, adding that they will seek final approval from their respective boards of directors later this month for the break-up. – The Economic Times, Dec 4, 2010

India’s top motorcycle maker, Hero Honda, has agreed to increase its royalty payments to Honda Motor Co to 8 percent of annual sales in return for a technology makeover and a stake sale by the Japanese firm in the venture, the Business Standard reported. The newspaper cited unnamed industry sources as saying that Honda had agreed to cut stake in the joint venture with India’s Hero Group to 20 percent from 26 percent now, and to sell the balance to Hero Group at a discount to the current market price. – The Economic Times, Dec 2, 2010

The country’s largest two-wheeler maker Hero Honda today posted sale of 4,21,366 units for November, registering a jump of 10.48 per cent over the same month last year. The company had sold 3,81,378 units in the same month last year, Hero Honda said in a statement.  – The Indian Express, Dec 1, 2010

Auto major Mahindra and Mahindra said it will launch two SUV models — Kornado and Rexton — from its Ssangyong Motor Company Limited (SYMC) portfolio by next year. The company recently announced that it has signed a definitive agreement with SYMC to acquire 70 per cent stake in the ailing South Korean auto maker for USD 463 million (about Rs 2105 crore).  – The Indian Express, Dec 3, 2010

Auto maker Mahindra & Mahindra today (M&M) reported an 18-per cent jump in its total sales in November at 26,666 units. The company had sold 22,589 units in the corresponding month last year, M&M said in a statement.  – Business Standard, Dec 1, 2010

Mahindra & Mahindra will launch the compressed natural gas-powered variant of its Logan car at around Rs 5.20 lakh, in an attempt to spruce sales of the entry-level sedan. The car, to cost Rs 56,000 more than the traditional petrol model, will be made available in only two cities, Mumbai and Delhi initially, but will be distributed in other cities such as Kanpur, Surat and Ahmedabad at later stages. – Business Standard, Dec 1, 2010

Medical equipment-maker Opto Circuits today said it will conclude the merger of US-based Cardiac Science Corp with itself in the next few days. In October, India-based Opto Circuits had announced that it would snap up cardiology device-maker Cardiac Science at a price tag of around $85 million (about Rs 375 crore). – Business Standard, Dec 2, 2010

Bharti Airtel Ltd.’s Nigerian unit cut its mobile-phone call rate by 50 percent in a bid to attract customers from rivals six months after entering Africa’s biggest telecommunications market. The move is in line with the company’s policy to reduce costs for customers, Rajan Swaroop, chief executive officer of Airtel Nigeria, said in an e-mailed statement late yesterday. The rate was cut to 12 naira ($0.08) a minute from 24 naira, according to information on its website. – Bloomberg, Dec 2, 2010

Country’s largest power producer NTPC has tied up with a Singapore-based bank for a $300 million loan for funding its financial plans in this fiscal, a senior company official said today. The loan is for seven-year period, Mr. Singhal added.  – The Hindu, Dec 1, 2010

NTPC Ltd., India’s biggest power producer, plans to place orders for generators worth at least 328.5 billion rupees ($7.2 billion) by March 31 as it accelerates capacity addition to help reduce blackouts.  The utility will buy nine generators of 660 megawatts each and the same number of 800-megawatt units, Chairman Arup Roy Choudhury said in an interview at his office in New Delhi Nov. 26. The equipment cost per megawatt is 25 million to 30 million rupees, he said. – Bloomberg, Nov 29, 2010

State-owned BHEL has bagged an order to supply the country’s first super critical 700-MW coal fire unit by Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd (KPCL) for its thermal power station (TPS) at Bellary. The order is valued at Rs 3,700 crore, BHEL said in a press release today. – The Economic Times, Nov 30, 2010

Indian technology outsourcing firm Tech Mahindra Ltd. is looking for potential acquisitions in Latin America jointly with its software outsourcing unit Satyam Computer Services Ltd. in a bid to bolster the two companies’ foothold in the region and cater to global customers. – The Wall Street Journal, Nov 30, 2010

India’s software services company Geometric Ltd is in price negotiations with a German firm for buyout and has earmarked $20-30 million for acquisitions over next three years, a top official told Reuters on Monday. – The Economic Times, Nov 30, 2010

Interesting Read

Mid-tier IT firms look to shore up onsite presence

A revival in information technology spends, rising demand and the lure of larger contracts are prompting mid-size software service firms to step up their onsite presence, especially in the United States, industry watchers said. Increasing resources at overseas locations could also shield IT companies from any potential protectionist moves by governments, while better positioning them to tap into gradually reviving IT budgets.

Rally in cement shares seems premature

Cement prices have weakened due to oversupply in most regions. Cement prices, up nearly 20% from April until August, fell sharply thereafter. In November, they dipped by an average of Rs.15-20/bag over August across the country, barring the eastern region. As if defying industry fundamentals, share prices of most cement firms have appreciated in the past three months. Output, too, has declined. November despatches of some pan-India players such as Ambuja Cements Ltd and UltraTech Cement Ltd are not very encouraging. They declined by 9-10% over the year-ago period. However, despatches from ACC Ltdand Jaiprakash Associates Ltd rose 5% and 13%, respectively, due to capacity addition. Demand growth, too, has been weak, partly due to the high base effect of fiscal 2010 and partly due to poor offtake from real estate and slower infrastructure growth.

MphasiS bets on software products for next billion

The newest entrant into the billion-dollar club of Indian IT services companies, MphasiS, is looking at software products as a growth engine that could take it closer to the next billion. The firm has already incubated two products and is currently refining its go-to-market strategy. Executives from the company said the firm is “testing out” a hospital information management (HIM) product, designed and developed entirely for small to medium-sized hospitals in emerging geographies. According to industry watchers, hospital information system is globally a $20 billion market; the Asian market, including Japan, may be worth $4 billion.

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