Weekly Portfolio Review: 05 February 2011

A month passed in the new year with a huge loss of 11% in BSE Sensex, 10% in NSE Nifty and 10% in my portfolio. Rising inflation, political situation in the country and unrest in Egypt and west Asian countries continued to be a cause of concern in the past week as well. A report in the Economic Times states that the free-fall in the market is expected to continue. Industrial growth numbers for the month of December 2010 are expected to be announced coming week and it may have an effect on market direction.

Good buys in my watch list

Company Sector 3 Years Target Current Price Expected Margin
Cera Sanitaryware Construction 330.00 169.35 95%
Selan Exploration Energy 694.00 367.65 89%

I will be buying the above two in small quantities in the coming week. I didn’t buy anything last week .

Cera is a well known brand in sanitary ware. Launched in 1980, Cera is a pioneer in the sanitary ware segment in India ( www.cera-india.com ). The company’s net sales income for the period April-December 2010, totalled at Rs 167.42 crores compared to Rs 132.93 crores during April-December, 2009 reflecting an increase of 26.75%. It registered a net profit of Rs 19.32 crore for the nine month period ending December 31, 2010, which was up 44.71 per cent from Rs 13.35 crore in the corresponding period last year. The company expects the market for Sanitaryware to be buoyant in the wake of the construction boom in the commercial and residential segments. In order to take the full advantage of the market situation, the company has begun executing its expansion programme which will enhance the production capacity to 2.7 million pieces a year from the existing level of 2 million pieces annually.  – http://www.sify.com/finance/cera-apr-dec-profits-rise-44-news-default-lbubEzajcad.html

Selan Exploration Technology Limited (SELAN) is engaged in oil exploration and production with a right to develop three discovered oilfields situated in the state of Gujarat namely Bakrol, Indrora and Lohar, all with proven oil and gas reserves. SELAN was subsequently awarded two more fields in Gujarat namely Ognaj Oilfield and Karjisan Gas field. The Promoters and Management have extensive experience and domain knowledge in the field of Petroleum Exploration, Development and Production as well as in the field of Geophysical Data Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation. (www.selanoil.com)

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