Weekly Portfolio Review: 20 February 2011

Market put a break to its weekly losing streak with a gain in Sensex of 2.72% and Nifty 2.81% in the past week. My portfolio gained 3.39% in the last week. Top gainers in my portfolio were Tech Mahindra (15%), Mangalam Cement (11%), Clariant Chemicals (9%), TIL (7%) and Opto Circuits (7%).

Good buys in my watch list

Company Sector 3 Years Target Current Price Expected Margin
Technofab Engg. Engineering 300.00 154.55 94%
Mangalam Cements Cement 320.00 108.55 195%
Tata Sponge Iron Metal 700.00 337.15 108%

Technofab Engineering is a 38 year old engineering and construction Company, serving the Power, Industrial and Infrastructure Sectors, by executing comprehensive balance of plant (BOP) and auxiliary systems on a complete Turnkey EPC basis. It has operations in India, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia and Fiji. The company works on Industrial and Utility Piping Systems, Fuel Oil Storage and Handling Systems, Fire Detection and Protection Systems and Raw and Sea Water Intake System on a turnkey basis. www.technofabengineering.com

Tata Sponge Iron Ltd is an associate company of Tata Steel. It has its manufacturing facility at Bilaipada in Orissa. It is the first Indian sponge iron company to be accredited with ISO 9002 certification. Tata Sponge Iron Limited produces premium & consistent quality sponge iron.

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