Portfolio Review: 20 March 2011

14% loss so far this year!

My buys for this week

Selan Exploration (331.60)

Honeywell Automation (2117.65)

Opto Circuits (261.90)

Biocon (326.85)

Tata Power (1,229.00)

Portfolio Review: 5 March 2011

My portfolio lost 11.78% so far this year with a slight improvement in the past week. It is all negative news every where and market continue to be sluggish. But it is not the end of the world. I continue to buy systematically in small and regular instalments! Go slow and steady!

My buys for the next week

Mangalam Cement (113.75)

Mazda Limited (90.55)

Ess Dee Aluminium (412.95)

Swaraj Engines (443.05)