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All about Valappil’s equity portfolio. What I buy, what I sell. How is my portfolio performing!

Portfolio Review: 24 April 2011

5% loss so far this year.

My buys for this week

Technofab Engg. (158.30)

Cera Sanitaryware (189.85)

Tata Sponge Iron (350.75)

Esab India (520.95)

Ashiana Housing (134.20)

Portfolio Review: 19 April 2011

6% loss so far this year.

My buys for this week

Technofab Engg. (155.95)

Cera Sanitaryware (190.60)

Tata Sponge Iron (346.85)

Esab India (523.60)

Maharashtra Seamless (356.80)

Bharti Airtel (378.00)



Portfolio Review: 20 March 2011

14% loss so far this year!

My buys for this week

Selan Exploration (331.60)

Honeywell Automation (2117.65)

Opto Circuits (261.90)

Biocon (326.85)

Tata Power (1,229.00)

Portfolio Review: 5 March 2011

My portfolio lost 11.78% so far this year with a slight improvement in the past week. It is all negative news every where and market continue to be sluggish. But it is not the end of the world. I continue to buy systematically in small and regular instalments! Go slow and steady!

My buys for the next week

Mangalam Cement (113.75)

Mazda Limited (90.55)

Ess Dee Aluminium (412.95)

Swaraj Engines (443.05)

Weekly Portfolio Review: 20 February 2011

Market put a break to its weekly losing streak with a gain in Sensex of 2.72% and Nifty 2.81% in the past week. My portfolio gained 3.39% in the last week. Top gainers in my portfolio were Tech Mahindra (15%), Mangalam Cement (11%), Clariant Chemicals (9%), TIL (7%) and Opto Circuits (7%).

Good buys in my watch list

Company Sector 3 Years Target Current Price Expected Margin
Technofab Engg. Engineering 300.00 154.55 94%
Mangalam Cements Cement 320.00 108.55 195%
Tata Sponge Iron Metal 700.00 337.15 108%

Technofab Engineering is a 38 year old engineering and construction Company, serving the Power, Industrial and Infrastructure Sectors, by executing comprehensive balance of plant (BOP) and auxiliary systems on a complete Turnkey EPC basis. It has operations in India, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia and Fiji. The company works on Industrial and Utility Piping Systems, Fuel Oil Storage and Handling Systems, Fire Detection and Protection Systems and Raw and Sea Water Intake System on a turnkey basis.

Tata Sponge Iron Ltd is an associate company of Tata Steel. It has its manufacturing facility at Bilaipada in Orissa. It is the first Indian sponge iron company to be accredited with ISO 9002 certification. Tata Sponge Iron Limited produces premium & consistent quality sponge iron.

Weekly Portfolio Review: 13 February 2011

The market continued to post weekly loss though the Friday witnessed an unexpected come back. The year to date loss in the BSE Sensex is 14% till the close of the last week and loss in my portfolio is 15%.

Good buys in my watch list

Company Sector 3 Years Target Current Price Expected Margin
Cera Sanitaryware Construction 330.00 163.95 101%
Cravatex Healthcare 1485.00 553.00 169%
Opto Circuits Healthcare 440.00 265.20 66%
GSK Consumer Food 3152.00 2150.00 47%

Launched in 1980, Cera is a pioneer in the sanitaryware segment in India. Based in Kadi, Gujarat, Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. was established with an initial capacity of 3,600 MTPA, the plant has undergone several periodical upgradations and modernisations to expand to 25,000 MTPA. To achieve growth in the rapidly changing retail market in the country, Cera, has launched its one of a kind Cera Bath Studios in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Cochin and Hyderabad, Mumbai. With the opening of the Cera Bath Studios, the discerning consumers, architects and interior designers can have full view of the Cera’s premium ranges of WC’s, Wash Basins, Shower Panels, Shower Cubicles, Bath Tubs, Shower Temples, Whirlpools, CP fittings etc. Cera Bath Studios will complement its existing network of 600 dealers and 5000 retailers. Several Bathrooms are displayed live, so that the customers can get a feel of Cera’s vast range of products.  Having shown a growth rate of more than 25% since last 3 years, Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. today is the fastest growing sanitaryware company in India.  For its contribution towards the industrial growth, Cera’s ED ‘Mr. Vidhush Somany’ received “The Nirman Ratna Award” in September 2010. ( ).

The Cravetex was incorporated in 1951 and was one of the largest chains of dyers and dry cleaners of it’s time. Along with these ventures, the Company also diversified into textile processing and printing. The Company expanded into the manufacture of sports and casual wear, culminating recently, in the distribution of fitness equipment for home and commercial use. The Company represents several reputed international brands of fitness equipment in India and is the only ISO certified & public listed company in this field. The Company has now integrated beauty therapy into its already versatile list of services. The Company offers a range of advanced international beauty therapies within spas across the country as well as providing clients with high-end beauty products from one of the leading beauty product manufacturers in the world. The Company continues its presence in the Garment Exports Market and the domestic footwear market where it caters to the needs of several international brands.

Opto Circuits (I) Limited, headquartered in Bangalore, India, has a range of products that includes, Pulse Oximeters, Pulse Oximeter Sensors, Fluid warmers, Cholesterol monitors & recently Stents. OCI is in a very specialized, technology oriented Opto electronic industry since 12 years. OCI has the status of Export House and has been awarded two star trading house status by the Federal Government of India. It has ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 13485-2003 quality system certification. OCI group companies have been awarded CE approval for its products. The subsidiaries of OCI possess FDA approval for different products being manufactured by them.

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd., the Indian associate of Glaxosmithkline plc, U.K., is a market leader in the Health Food Drinks industry in India. Its flagship product is Horlicks which is over 100 years old in India. The Company also manufactures Boost, Viva, Maltova, Biscuits. It promotes and distributes prominent brands in diverse categories such as Eno, Crocin and Iodex.  GSKCH exports to more than 37 countries across the globe and around 8% of its sales comes from exports. The company has a strong marketing and distribution network in India comprising over 1800 wholesalers and direct coverage of around 6 Lakh retail outlets. Its manufacturing facilities are located at Nabha in Punjab, Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh and Sonepat in Haryana. It was incorporated in 1948 and went public in 1978.

Weekly Portfolio Review: 05 February 2011

A month passed in the new year with a huge loss of 11% in BSE Sensex, 10% in NSE Nifty and 10% in my portfolio. Rising inflation, political situation in the country and unrest in Egypt and west Asian countries continued to be a cause of concern in the past week as well. A report in the Economic Times states that the free-fall in the market is expected to continue. Industrial growth numbers for the month of December 2010 are expected to be announced coming week and it may have an effect on market direction.

Good buys in my watch list

Company Sector 3 Years Target Current Price Expected Margin
Cera Sanitaryware Construction 330.00 169.35 95%
Selan Exploration Energy 694.00 367.65 89%

I will be buying the above two in small quantities in the coming week. I didn’t buy anything last week .

Cera is a well known brand in sanitary ware. Launched in 1980, Cera is a pioneer in the sanitary ware segment in India ( ). The company’s net sales income for the period April-December 2010, totalled at Rs 167.42 crores compared to Rs 132.93 crores during April-December, 2009 reflecting an increase of 26.75%. It registered a net profit of Rs 19.32 crore for the nine month period ending December 31, 2010, which was up 44.71 per cent from Rs 13.35 crore in the corresponding period last year. The company expects the market for Sanitaryware to be buoyant in the wake of the construction boom in the commercial and residential segments. In order to take the full advantage of the market situation, the company has begun executing its expansion programme which will enhance the production capacity to 2.7 million pieces a year from the existing level of 2 million pieces annually.  –

Selan Exploration Technology Limited (SELAN) is engaged in oil exploration and production with a right to develop three discovered oilfields situated in the state of Gujarat namely Bakrol, Indrora and Lohar, all with proven oil and gas reserves. SELAN was subsequently awarded two more fields in Gujarat namely Ognaj Oilfield and Karjisan Gas field. The Promoters and Management have extensive experience and domain knowledge in the field of Petroleum Exploration, Development and Production as well as in the field of Geophysical Data Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation. (