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Another Fruitful Year for Share Market

For stock market in India, 2012 was a fruitful year posting biggest gain after 2009. BSE Sensex gained 26%, NSE Nifty 28% while my portfolio gained 30%. H

As at the end of the year, my most successful investments are in Wim Plast, Mayur Uniquoter, Astral Poly Technik, Hawkins Cooker and National Peroxide. These five stocks account for 95% of my total net gain (Unrealised gain/loss till date and realised gain/loss of 2012). All of them are in my top 10 holding in terms of current value as on 31st December 2012.

My worst Investments are in Opto Circuits, Ess Dee Aluminium, BHEL, Technofab Engg and TIL. These five stocks together swallowed 23% of my total gain (Unrealised gain till date and realised gain of 2012). Out of these, I sold Ess Dee Aluminium completely while I have considerable holding in BHEL and Technofab Engg. Loss on BHEL largely comes from shares I bought in 2010-11 and I have been buying it during 2012 which fared better. I have been buying Technofab last two years, but still at loss. I remain hopeful about the future of Technofab Engg.

In the year, my top 5 buys were BHEL, eClerx, Clariant Chemicals, Titan Industries and National Peroxide. Investments in some companies in which I had very marginal holding were completely offloaded. Top 5 in value sold are Mayur Uniquoter, Hindustan Zinc, NESCO, Tata Sponge Iron and HUL. All of them were partial profit booking and I currently hold a considerable number in some of these stocks.

As on 31st December 2012, my top ten holdings are Wim Plast, BHEL, Page Industries, Clariant Chemicals, National Peroxide, eClerx Services, Mayur Uniquoters, Astral Poly Technik, Hawkins Cooker and Titan Industries. These account for 49% of my total investments.

As the quarterly results will be coming out in coming months, a review of the investments becomes imminent.

What’s your best and worst?

Companies Suggested for investment this month

A friend of mine contacted me for suggestion of shares to invest. He wants to invest INR 10,000 per month.
I suggested to buy any two from the four companies given below for around INR 5,000 each this month and asked to contact me next month for suggestion for next month investment. These suggestions are for long term.
  1.  Eclerx Services – Current Price 716.10
  2.  Mayur Uniquoter – 326.20
  3.  National Peroxide – 344.85
  4.  Wim Plast – 179.50
I reminded him about my disclaimer:  These shares are what I am currently buying. Invest at your own risk. Share Market investments are high risk and high reward investments. Hope you are investing with money which you can hold for at least 1-2 years. You know the volatility in the market, and even if it is good company, it can go up and down in the short term. Never invest in shares with the money that you need in the short term.
I select shares based on information gathered by me and my own number crunching and analysis. I  also use research reports from other professionals in the field.
I thought to post this here so that it may benefit those who follow my blog. Happy investing 🙂