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Selling Gujarat Gas Company

It is time to be more cautious on share market in India. I am gradually offloading some of the shares prices of which has reached its reasonable valuation and achieved my target. At this time, I would prefer to sit more on cash rather than buying anything in haste.

Today, I am selling Gujarat Gas Company on a return of 97% in a holding period of 21 months! I bought this in April-May 2008 at an effective average cost of Rs. 125.67 (adjusted for bonus shares) which now stands at Rs. 247.60.

I still see buying opportunity in Suzlon Energy and Bharti Airtel. But I am not buying it right now as these shares already constitute 6.5% and 10.8% of value of my holding respectively. One should be disciplined and should avoid concentration of investment in a few shares, even if it looks attractive to buy more.